Bonanza films is a production company based in Johannesburg, South Africa founded by award winning filmmaker PJ Kotzé. Bonanza Films specialises in creating South African content that is fresh, exciting and always adventurous. We especially like filming things in places where conventional film crews might be reluctant to go, and we’ll happily go up a mountain or underwater to produce great content!  
Bonanza Films offer the entire package, from pre-production, filming done by experienced DP’s, to post production and finishing on industry standard equipment. We are passionate about filmmaking and ridiculously excited about the prospects the future holds for film in South Africa.

The Johannesburg Music Initiative – A Hip-Hop Guide to the Orchestra

OOMS – Short Film


Ons het geklim – Climbing Short Film

Haal Asem – Adventure Sports Pilot

I’m building a hand – Short Documentary

In search of our own – Feature length Architectural Documentary Film

A Portrait of Zurich